Boutique Bungalows

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  • Title Boutique Bungalows
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  • Price Rp. 400.000
  • Date 30 Apr, 2018
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Boutique Bungalows

serene and tranquil boutique bungalows in traditional heart of Ubud.
The flow of astrological energy from the Cosmos

Putu Yoga Bungalows are uniquely designed from the perspectives of Vedic Astrology Science from the ancient sages from India and Bali. The Bungalows are named also with the planets Jupiter, Sun, Moon,Mercury and Venus. The combination of Shiva (Manifested) and Shakti (Unmanifested) energy of the Cosmos.We have two beautiful round shaped designed bungalows with the yoga shala having the spectacular view of the rice fields and down green valley. Inspire yourself with the flow of positive ancient energy techniques to soothe the running modern mind.

You can try every day yoga at 8.30 am. The way to the Putu Bungalows imbibes view of the rice paddies and traditional rituals cultural activities local Balinese people. The bungalows are located in the rice fields away from the hustle and bustle of downtown ubud. The ubud market from the bungalows are just 5 minutes walking distance. The bungalows are eco friendly and here we promote more eco products rather than chemicals and the plastics.

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